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LAPD “Behind The Scenes” Show Still Gruesome Even Without RFK’s Suit


As Foster Kamer noticed yesterday, the suit Robert Kennedy Jr. was wearing when he was assassinated has been removed from the “Behind The Scenes: The LAPD Homicide Exhibit” show in Las Vegas.

But the crowds are sill lining up. LA District Attorney Steve Cooley, one of the masterminds of the show, told AP that “Behind the Scenes” “had more visitors in two days than the Los Angeles Police Historical Museum has had in a year.”

Why? Because they have O.J. Simpson’s alleged gloves, which did not fit so they had to acquit! Also, more murder-masturbation material.

While California Homicide Investigators Association President Dennis Kilcoyne says the Palms Resort show “is not a freak show or Halloween,” it does in some respects resemble carney exhibits like the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car that turned up simultaneously in several small-town fairs and exhibitions some years back. There’s even a Charles Manson car — the Ford Fairlane the Mansonettes drove to the Tate House. But this one is certified authentic. Classy!

DA Cooley is running for state attorney general.



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