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Larry Kudlow Snorts at Senate Run


Larry Kudlow announces he’s too high on his CNBC job to run against Chuck Schumer this year.

While he’s “very flattered by all the attention and quite frankly surprised at the size of the draft movement which has developed” on his behalf, “I love my work at CNBC. I just love it,” says the Kudlow & Company host, “And that’s the reason why I have no plans to run for the Senate at the present time.”

Human Events remains hopeful. “Kudlow showed that while he may be reluctant to leave his influential perch at CNBC and jump into the political arena,” they say, “he has not lost his political zeal to go on the attack against out of control spending and sky high tax rates that he says have retarded economic expansion and job creation.” Also, Scott Brown.

Kudlow polls 45 points behind Schumer thanks to, says the Starving Bloggist, Schumer’s “George Soros funded, SEIU/ACORN powered, media glorified, Progressive machine” — but Big Government assures Kudlow that “you have a grass roots movement behind you, the likes of which the state of New York has never seen.”

The former Wall Street wunderkind was being pushed for high office as far back as the 1990s, but his cocaine and alcohol problems forced him to take a leave of absence from Bear Stearns and sidetracked his political chances.



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