Posts of the Week


It’s Friday afternoon, and thus time to reflect on the best posts of the week.

We ranked Our 10 Best People-Watching Restaurants.

Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm shared his thoughts about Twittering chefs, Googling guests, and Sarah Palin.

British and American chips threw down in an International Battle of the Weird-Ass Potato Chips.

Welcome to Fat Pants Fridays!

Freddy’s Donald O’Finn looked back on 13 years of art and talked about his plans to open another Freddy’s should the current one be razed by the Atlantic Yards.

Merit Kabob Palace’s Bengali shondesh are made with cheese curds, sugar, and magic.

British restaurant critic/hack A.A. Gill recently visited New York, and hopefully won’t return.

Here’s the Early Word on Terri Vegan Cafe and Bar Henry’s snacks and wine.

Dollar Slice tracking continues at 2 Bros. Pizza.

As Passover approaches, we’re keeping an eye out for matzoh price gouging at local supermarkets.

Chipotle is now making a vegan chicken burrito, and it’s pretty good.

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