Red Hook Wine Shop Turf War Gets a Little Bit Uglier


Last month, news surfaced of a turf war that was brewing between two Red Hook wine shops. The fact of the dispute seemed less noteworthy than the fact that the neighborhood now claims enough wine shops to actually have a dispute, but no matter. In one corner sat Dry Dock, a Van Brunt Street establishment owned by Mary and Ron Kyle. In another sat Botta de Vino, another Van Brunt Street storefront owned by Triciann and Jeff Botta, who’d received ample assistance in opening their shop from the Discovery Channel show Construction Intervention.

Now the Brooklyn Paper is reporting that things have gotten a wee bit nastier, thanks to the Kyles’ successful attempt to petition the SLA to halt the Bottas’ license. During a recent SLA hearing, the Kyles appeared with evidence, gathered from the Botta de Vino website, that the Bottas intended to allow customers to drink wine in the store’s courtyard, something they’d promised not to do at a previous hearing. So the SLA chair re-opened the case and ordered the Botts to return for another hearing on March 31.

That funny sound you’re hearing? It’s Hubert Selby, Jr., rolling over in his grave.

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