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Reverend Billy Steps Up for Ray’s | Village Voice


Reverend Billy Steps Up for Ray’s


Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A, centerpiece of East Village life for decades, has gotten a lot of press support since it was announced that he was having yet another rent crisis (the landlord wants back rent from Ray, who’s been having all sorts of problems, for his teeny-tiny space). And he’s had some benefits, too, like the Sidewalk Cafe affair that netted him $1,300.

But now he also has a force of nature on his side — anti-consumerist preacher and former mayoral candidate Reverend Billy.

“Ray has been a north star of kindness from our childhoods,” says the Reverend, and “the East Village will do whatever it takes to defend Ray’s dignity.” To this end he’s helping out with a new benefit for Ray’s at Theater for a New City on Monday. EV Grieve has details. Among the performers, along with the Rev and his Life After Shopping Gospel Choir: “Ms. Marilyn singing her smash hit ‘My Man Ray!'”

Ray’s is sufficiently an institution that it has a Wikipedia entry, as well as a Facebook and a MySpace page.


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