“Schmucks and Shiksas” Singles Event: Leaving Your Mother “Verklempt”


Stories of gentiles hitting Jewish dating site J-Date to seek out stereotypical qualities in Jews (affluence, sexual promiscuity, a propensity for affluence, curly brunette hair, etc) are, at least in this city, pretty routine. While I can’t find any evidence to support that, there is now at least hard evidence to support some Jewish men’s propensity to seek mates “outside the tribe.”

Yes, this.

Attendees of tonight’s “Schmucks and Shiksas” singles event are pretty much guaranteed to find what they’re looking for. Specficially, Jewish guys who think appropriating the most cliche parts of their supposed cultural identity (at a bar like Hudson Terrace) will help attract (A) the kind of women who are into that kind of thing and (B) the kind of women who they already have a condescending name for. Sure, it’s funny, but there’s truth in every joke. Which is why it’s probably gonna work.

Also, somehow, the thing about Jews having small penises didn’t make it on the flier. Guess some cultural stereotypes aren’t worth advertising!