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The Evolution of Gogo Dancing


Ever crave an intellectual thesis looking back at the genesis of gogo dancing, chronicling it as it evolved and morphed as an art form through the decades?

Well, the new issue of Next magazine is your ticket. In fact, in between wanking off to Andrew Belonsky‘s article on the subject, you will also learn a lot, papi.

Among the observations gogo insiders provided to the author is the fact that, as the craving for the dollar overtook any respect for the aesthetics of gogo as performance art, “The ’90s were more flesh oriented and about driving sexual urges.”

Wish I’d been conscious through that!

As for today’s bumping and grinding on a box: “Gogo dancing’s now about erections. It’s not about costumes, but about flesh.”

Well, when the next gogo boy pounds his business in my face, I’ll surely be dressing him with my eyes for greater effect.

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