This Weekend! Tanlines, Lemonade, Janka Nabay, Lauren Ambrose & Leisure Class, Math the Band, Titus Andronicus, RJD2, Small Black, Copeland, and Care Bears on Fire


At Monster Island tonight: Tanlines, who assemble tropical samples, drum circle beats, and bellowing vocals into irresistible dance tunes. Later, Lemonade juggles a rainbow of sounds, from crooning boy band vocals to splashes of exotic instrumentation. Sierra Leone’s Janka Nabay, self-proclaimed father of bubu music, will also be there, weaving together sounds from keyboards, carburetor pipes, and bamboo shoots. As an added bonus, snag new 12″s from all three bands for $25, including the cost of admission. Finally, at the Bell House, Lauren Ambrose (who has temporarily jumped the acting ship) performs sultry jazz tunes with six-piece band, Leisure Class.

For Saturday, keep it simple: head over to Death by Audio, where Math the Band’s seizure-inducing Casio keyboards will keep you twirling until you burn out. And Titus Andronicus, punk rockers haunted by Civil War ghosts, rally the troops at the Bowery Ballroom. Finally, producer-turned-performer RJD2 graces the stage at MHOW with smooth-as-silk instrumental hip-hop.

On Sunday, Small Black fills the Mercury Lounge with hazy lo-fi that stirs up vivid summer memories. Then Copeland’s Farewell Tour stops at the Bowery Ballroom, where Aaron Marsh’s sugarcoated vocals take center stage. But with both shows sold out, chances are you’re staying home to watch the Oscars. Or you could check out the Cake Shop, where teenybopper trio Care Bears on Fire will try resurrecting the ghost of punk rock, Academy Awards be damned.

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