U.S. Open Workers Sue Restaurants; Tainted Flavoring Agent Might Not Hurt You if You Cook it


A Food Safety and Inspection Service veterinarian blew the whistle on his agency for failing to heed his warnings about unsafe slaughterhouse practice in Oklahoma and Vermont.
[Washington Post]

France is up in arms over the approval by Europe’s food safety agency of several genetically modified crops, including a GM potato, saying these were properly tested.

U.S. Open workers have filed a class-action suit against restaurants at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens for failure to pay overtime and keeping tips.

A flavoring agent used in thousands of food products may be contaminated with salmonella, but food safety officials say cooking the products should eliminate any risk.
[NY Times]

Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons has plans to open 900 new locations across North America over the next three years, including a good number in the U.S.
[Financial Post]

Harlem’s Chuck E. Cheese has more safety regulations that a maximum-security prison, including prohibitions against “gang-style apparel” and “gang-type conduct or behavior.”
[NY Post]


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