Vancouver’s Japadog Headed for New York’s Streets?


Canadians, just like us, apparently enjoy standing in long lines for street food, an affinity that’s made a success out of Vancouver’s Japadog. Now, encouraged by all of the love shown for their Japanese-style wieners, which come piled with ingredients like bonito flakes and seaweed, its owner is planning to open a cart in New York. Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reports that Japadog’s Noriki Tamura is gearing up to bring his business here by the end of the year (despite the fact that we already have an Asian-style hot dog purveyor), and provides a hilarious and painfully accurate assessment of what Tamura can expect when he arrives.

“Knowing New York’s current passion for (1) standing in line for trendy food, (2) all things Japanese, (3) adorable, artisanal sidewalk food vendors, and (4) cheap, white-trash food turned into semi-haute cuisine (burgers, cupcakes, bacon, pizza, et al.),” JVNY writes, “I predict that Japadog will be immensely successful here.” He also forsees turf wars with the Van Leeuwen’s and Mud Trucks, a “brick and mortar” location, and an epic, losing battle with NoLIta NIMBYs over plans for “a three-story, outdoor, hot-dog and beer pleasure palace.”

All of which sounds about right.


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