Week in Review: Bring It Back


In the week we answered the question of whether or not it is possible to give a lapdance to the wavy abstract sounds of Animal Collective (it is not), we let Stripper Tweets tell the world what (not terrible) rock music you can dance to in the club. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, stand up! Somebody tell Axl Rose–he’s been just about everywhere but the strip club these past three weeks. Luckily, there are those keeping tabs.

Announcing the “Bring Back New York Noise” petition–a cause dear to our hearts.

To say nothing of Q&As with everyone from Neon Indian (won’t take acid with you) and Tanlines (won’t do a remix for you) to Crazy Heart author Thomas Cobb (likes Deer Tick!) and ODDSAC filmmaker/Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez, and a spate of MP3 premieres from Child Abuse, Ninjasonik, How to Dress Well, and Christy and Emily.

And a crazy week in rap! Is Gangstarr’s Guru OK? Probably. But no one really knows, and that’s an abysmal fact. This in the same week that Jay-Z was subpoenaed over one of the hundreds of pending David Paterson scandals, which didn’t stop him from going to the White House that same week. Rap is the biggest thing on the planet, which is why you might have seen Diddy posing in front of the Mona Lisa recently? Not that haters still won’t make T.I. take down his sexy billboards, or attempt to send Lil Wayne to jail–repeatedly, although for the moment, unsuccessfully. Oh, and Fabolous put out a great mixtape.

Plus the Pavement reunion details and the little known fact that Stephen Malkmus was a huge Barry Hannah (RIP) fan, Tom Breihan and Sharyn Jackson blogging American Idol, Vampire Weekend in someone’s living room, Surfer Blood and nearly a thousand people in Brooklyn, Iron Maiden in NYC, and more, below. Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out our Weekend in Clubbing guide. We’re back on Monday.

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