Beyoncé Opens Cosmetology School in Brooklyn Rehab Center


“Brooklynite by marriage” Beyoncé Knowles joined Mayor Bloomberg, Marty Markowitz, and her mom in DUMBO yesterday to cut the ribbon for the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center of the Phoenix House Career Academy. The seven-month training program will prepare women coming out of drug and alcohol rehab for the state cosmetology licensure exam. Knowles and her mom pledged $100,000 in yearly funding, and L’Oréal, where she’s a spokeswoman, is going to provide the supplies.

She said it was a proud moment for her and her mom. Markowitz declared her a “Brooklynite by marriage” and by “moxie.” Bloomberg, touchingly, insulted Markowitz’ hair.

Knowles, who researched her role as heroin-addicted singer Etta James at Phoenix House, said her decision to fund a beauty school training program was inspired by growing up around her mom’s beauty salon in Houston.

“I saw that a salon was a place for women to socialize, share stories, cry, laugh and get advice,” she continued about her experiences growing up around a beauty parlor. She was close to tears as she added, “Most importantly, I saw the joy it brought my mother, knowing she was a part of their transformation.”

Local rumor has it that she and Brooklynite-by-birth husband Jay-Z are shopping to become Brooklynites-by-residence somewhere in DUMBO.