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Mario Cuomo Wants Paterson to Stay, but Doubts It


Former Governor Mario Cuomo said yesterday that he wants Governor Paterson to finish his term, but “the betting is against him.”

“I would rather see Paterson finish his term as governor in place… I wanted to see that from the beginning because if he were to step down, it would just continue this string of unelected people taking office.”

Current Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch was appointed by Governor Paterson, who became Governor when Elliot Spitzer was forced to step down.

Cuomo, the father of presumptive Democratic candidate AG Andrew Cuomo, was also asked about critics who see a conflict of interest in a potential candidate investigating Paterson’s ethics problems. The AG has the power to recuse himself and appoint a Special Prosecutor if the Governor agrees.

Cuomo pere doesn’t see a problem.

“The Attorney General will do what is right in the end, in all things. Always has, always will. Just like his mother.”

Apparently Cuomo fils doesn’t see a problem either. According to the News, he met with Ravitch privately yesterday, reportedly to discuss how to “make the trains run on time” after Paterson leaves office. Polls currently show Cuomo with a wide lead over presumptive Republican opponent Rick Lazio.

Paterson says that Ravitch briefed him on the meeting, and that he has “full confidence” in Cuomo’s handling of the investigation.

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