55 Cops Nabbed for DUI Since 1999: Daily News


After a few stories like those of Detective Kevin Spellman (allegedly nearly thrice the legal alcohol limit when measured after hitting an old lady) and Officer Andrew Kelly (measured at zero percent, though apparently impaired), we wondered about it, so thanks to the Daily News for digging it up: 55 active duty officers of the NYPD have been arrested for driving under the influence since 1999.

While the policy is to fire cops convicted of felony DWI, misdemeanants usually get suspensions, along with counseling and probation.It could be worse. This site tracked 275 drunk-driving cop arrests nationwide between 2002 and 2008. Only 19 of them were in New York state. One Newport, Kentucky officer was apprehended in 2006 after driving impaired in his police car.

The story seems inspired by the case of Officer Daniel Massanova of Staten Island, who blew a .11 after colliding with a car and injuring two women in 2004. “They weren’t two old ladies coming home from Bingo, you know what I mean?” Massanova told the News.

Off-duty New Rochelle officer Jamillah Blair’s SUV was hit while facing the wrong way on the Hutchinson River Parkway last week. Blair made a run for it and was later charged with DWI.


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