Almost–But Not Quite!–Spring


Sunshine and tulips might fool you into thinking that the Union Square Greenmarket has turned over into spring onions and asparagus, but the booths are still mainly populated with greens, root vegetables, and wintered-over apples.

But at the John D. Madura Farm stand, there are hints of the spring mushroom season.

Maitake, or hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, are more abundant in the fall, but show up in spring as well. They’re delicious browned in butter, or simmered in miso soup. The mushrooms are used in Eastern medicine, and studies have shown that they may actually inhibit tumor growth and promote the immune system. We find the pudgy things kind of cute, if a mushroom can be cute.

Madura Farm is also peddling meaty oyster and trumpet mushrooms.

And then there’s the plethora of onions, potatoes, kale, squash, and apples that we’ve been cooking all winter.


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