Betty White Will Be on SNL: Facebook Users, Gay Men Rejoice


Thank you for being a friend Facebook fan. The 484,354-member group “Betty White to Host SNL (Please!?)” has reached the victorious end to its 67-day campaign. Betty White will be on Saturday Night Live, in some capacity, which she confirmed last night at Elton John’s Oscar-viewing party. No word yet as to whether it will be a solo gig or if the 88-year-old will be one of several comediennes, including show alums Molly Shannon, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler, who’re rumored to be signed on for the forthcoming “Women of Comedy” episode. is reporting the second option as a definite, but camp Lorne won’t comment on its accuracy. We can only hope that the potty-mouthed veteran will rap like Natalie Portman. Just imagine: “When I was on Golden Girls, I smoked weed every day.” Or perhaps, Us: “We love you Betty White.” Betty: “I wanna f*ck you too!”