Danny Meyer Has the Last Word on Shake Shack Nolita


Now that the woman credited with bringing down Shake Shack Nolita has gotten her day under the Post‘s fluorescent light, the paper’s given Danny Meyer his own. In an interview with the Post, Meyer spoke briefly about the demise of his plans to sell burgers on Prince Street:

“One of the good things about the experience is that there will not be an unlimited number of Shake Shacks in New York and life is too short. That’s the bottom line. We are going to open our first Shake Shack in Miami in late spring, before it gets too hot. And there will be others opening on the Upper East Side and in the theater district soon. There’s also one in Central Park, at the Delacorte Theater.”

Meyer also went on to say that at his Union Square Hospitality Group, “we can’t change the weather but we can impact how we protect ourselves from the elements.” Which seems like a sound strategy, particularly if the elements happen to be disgruntled neighbors who accuse you of being second only in evildoing to McDonald’s.


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