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David Paterson Shouldn’t Quit, Says Poll, But Wait a Few Weeks


A new poll says David Paterson — oh, did your eyes just glaze over? We understand; Paterson’s poll results have been dismal since shortly after he took over. But here’s some news: the Siena poll confirms the recent Quinnipiac result, which found that a majority of New York voters (55-37 percent) would prefer Paterson stay in office rather than resign, disliked though he may be (his favorable rating is 21 percent). By a larger majority, they don’t want him impeached, either.

There is something else noteworthy about this result:

When pollsters first started asking these questions, the margin of don’t-quit was 61-31 percent — 30 points. Now it’s 18 points. Given how things are going for the Governor, how long will it take for the numbers to reverse themselves?

Also, Siena finds that 75 percent of New Yorkers agree with the statement, “I’m ready to vote for anyone that will clean up the mess in Albany once and for all.” Time for a celebrity candidate! What’s Howard Stern up to these days?


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