Drunken Gay Senator To Hold Anti-Gay Rally


Well, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he’s bi–or perhaps he just needed a drink so badly that he had to step into the nearest watering hole, not realizing it was a gay bar, ha ha.

[Update: He came out and explained that he votes against pro-gay measures merely to please his constituency. Oy.]

In any case, California State Senator Roy Ashburn is co-helming a rally on April 2 to beg people to preserve traditional marital values.

“Children must be raised with morals and principles,” says the invitation for this hideous non-event (on which the location, Patriots Park, is as misspelled as the fact that this will happen a day after April Fools Day is completely not noted.)

Yeah, morals and principles like leaving your family behind to go to gay bars, then driving drunk with an unidentified male!