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My Face Was in a Woman’s Bosom! | Village Voice


My Face Was in a Woman’s Bosom!


I just had a flashback to something outrageous that happened at my big bash last week:

MC Murray Hill urged me to come onstage for strip goddess Dirty Martini to spin her titty tassles in my face.

I obliged, so as not to appear impolite.

And sure enough she rotated them like windmills, my features getting closer to a lady’s body parts than they have been since birth.

“Who booked a female stripper for a Michael Musto party?” I cracked after this traumatic yet tillitating charade was over.

You did, reminded Murray.

Here’s Andrew Werner‘s startling photo capturing that momentous event.

I’m also including his other shots from the bash since I don’t feel I’ve worked it enough!

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