Oscar Recap: Kamer Tweets, Doc Makers Fight, Waltz Declines BJ


Lots of Internet action over last night’s Oscars, here and elsewhere (congratulations to our own Foster Kamer, one of last’s nights Twitter laureates — you and Ebert, classy!). On the stage, not so much, and the best fight was one we didn’t recognize as such: When Elinor Burkett broke in on Roger Ross Williams’ acceptance speech for the Oscar-winning documentary short Music by Prudence, we thought it was a lame Kanye reference schtick.

Turns out Burkett was the producer, Williams the director, and the dispute was authentic and longstanding. The estranged collaborators both rushed to grab the award — Burkett claims Williams’ mother, who is 87, blocked her way with her cane — and Burkett got there late but loud.

The time-capsule headline of the event: “Waltz offered oral sex at pre-Oscar party.” Overheard, apparently, at the Weinsteins’ bash; made by a “mystery leggy blonde.” Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz declined.

Michael Moore wasn’t there to make trouble, so political obsessives had to rock their hobby-horses offscreen. Conservative nag James Pinkerton proclaimed, “Conservatives Values Upheld On Hollywood’s Big Night.” Pinkerton was mad Alec Baldwin got to host and that Barbra Streisand exists, but a movie with soldiers won. (God knows what he thought about the dolphin sign.) And Kathryn Bigelow thanked the troops! “Gee, those words sound admiring and patriotic,” said Pinkerton, which is remarkable because everyone knows Hollyweird is Commietown. “And for her efforts,” added Pinkerton gleefully, “she and her team receive six Oscars from Baldwin, Streisand & Co.” Streisand didn’t look pissed, but she’s an actress (Oscar-winning, yet), so maybe she was faking her pleasure at giving out the first Best Director award won by a woman.


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