Precious, The Hurt Locker Inspire Dishes at Gilt’s Oscar Party


Page 6 has it that no one really showed up to the Motion Picture Academy’s official Oscar party at Gilt in the Palace Hotel, and Gawker jokes that guests might have been scared off by the bizarre food. To be fair, this was not exactly an easy assignment for chefs Justin Bogle and David Carmichael. Create dishes inspired by movies like Precious and The Hurt Locker? It sounds like a particularly dumb Top Chef challenge. Above, a Navi from Avatar wades into a deconstructed blueberry pie.

About’s food blog has a slide show of all the dishes. The chefs cleverly dodged the Precious bullet, by simply making sapphire-colored truffles.

To honor the Hurt Locker the chefs came up with “foie gras bombs.” Hmmm! That’s a fraught one! We’ll just leave it alone.

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