Study: Our Sixth Taste is Fat; New Jersey Boasts a Hearty Food Blogging Scene


A new study suggests that humans have a sixth taste in addition to sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami: fat. Those tested were able to identify fatty acids in otherwise plain solutions, and skinny people were able to detect fat better.

The Panel of Takeovers and Mergers in the U.K. is investigating whether Kraft lied when it promised to keep a Cadbury factory open after its takeover of the British confectioner.
[Wall Street Journal]

The last two weekends in March mark Maple Weekend, when the state’s maple tree farmers are expected to welcome some 250,000 visitors at 118 farms.
[NY Daily News]

New Jersey boasts a vibrant food blogging scene, ranging from professional blogs like Table Hopping With Rosie at to smaller, more experimental blogs.
[NY Times]

When it comes to Chinese food, is authenticity overrated? The author examines recent articles on Chef Peter Chang and our own Robert Sietsema’s Chinese food coverage.

Model-turned-cookbook author Sophie Dahl struggled with weight issues until she started eating like her grandmother, with three freshly prepared meals a day.
[NY Daily News]

Restaurant owners may benefit from social networking platforms like Foursquare, which asks users to “check in” to restaurants they patronize and awards points for frequent visits.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Wars on salt and soda be damned: restaurants are using junk food in their dishes, such as pork belly with Pop Rocks at Klee and Tingas de pollo braised in Coca-Cola at Cabrito.
[NY Post]


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