A Wine (or Two) Grows in Queens; Making the Case for Pairing Food & Cocktails


Queens Farm Museum houses a 1 1/2-acre vineyard, and makes wines outside the city from its grapes. The first release includes a Merlot 2006 and 2007, and a Chardonnay 2006, all priced between $20 and $25.
[Wall Street Journal]

The 2007 Burgundy reds are paradoxical. While it’s not considered a great vintage, the wines may be able to show the differences between the region’s many terroirs.
[NY Times]

Wine storage facilities across the country help Americans store their precious bottles for aging. New York’s WineCare Storage offers shelf-style storage starting at $40 per month.
[Wall Street Journal]

Former investment banker Matti Anttila is now the founder of Cabana Cachaça, which manufactures and imports high-end cachaça, Brazil’s national sugar-cane spirit.

Pairing food and cocktails is tricky because mixed drinks are so high in alcohol. But the pairings can work well when bartenders use the same ingredients as the chef.
[Washington Post]

The grapes are still on the vines in Chile’s Maule Valley, the country’s oldest wine region, but many facilities suffered structural damage and stored wines were destroyed.
[NY Times]

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