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Bo Dietl Defends His Pal Dave Paterson: Leave the Governor Alone!


When you’re down to having Bo Dietl as one of your staunchest defenders, you know you’re in trouble.

Dietl, the private detective to the stars whose on-air racial jokes have provided a steady diet of snickers to listeners of the Don Imus show for years, has become David Paterson’s strongest backer. But when Dietl’s got your back it is always a mixed blessing, as the video of Bo’s lengthy defense of the governor yesterday morning proves. We recommend going straight to the video tape to catch the full flavor of the ex-NYPD detective’s remarks, especially toward the end when he breaks into his own light-hearted imitation of an African American in distress. Some snippets:

Dietl: We had a long talk this weekend.

Imus: He called that woman.

D: No, let’s get it straight, she called him. Let’s get it straight. He knew her for seven years, first of all. He did not have knowledge that she had an order of protection. That’s the most important thing …

I: He sent the police over there or did he have someone send the police over to try and dissuade her from pressing charges?

D: He never sent no police over there.

I: Well, why did the police go over there?

D: I’m gonna tell you. What the whole thing was there was a lot of stuff released that there was being leaks outta the governor’s office…

I: You’re not answering the question.

D: And the female there in question was being accused of doing it. She calls the governor and says, ‘Governor, I have nothing to do with leaking anything. I have my problems w DJ. That’s our problem.’ And that was the extent of that conversation.

I: Well, who sent the cops over there?

D: (Shrugs) Who knows who sent the cops? Who knows? Maybe she called up the police and the cops come over. It has nothing to do with the governor. I mean leave the governor alone.

I: Somebody sent the state police over there.

D: Excuse me, leave the governor alone.

I: I’m gonna get my hands around your neck in a minute.

D: Whoa, whoa, what abt Aqueduct? They gave it to Floyd Flake, the minister of that African Methodist something church, the guy who beat me in 1986…the governor has the right to pick who he wants. What, because Shelly Silver’s group didn’t get it? Leave the governor alone. And the other issue is the tickets…

I: We’ll do the other issue in a minute, what tickets?

D: For the, for the Yankees…

I: Did he get free tickets?

D: No he didn’t he ended up paying for ’em.

I: Yeah, but did he get free tickets?

D: No, he paid. But he shoulda gotten free tickets as the governor.

I: Yeah but did he postdate the check?

D: First of all, I said, ‘Governor, did you sign that check? That doesn’t look like your handwriting?’. He said, [here we recommend the video to catch the full flavor as Dietl breaks into his blackface imitation] ‘Sign the check? Damn, I’m blind! I couldn’t see the check.’ People signed the check, people sign his receipts when he goes out to dinner. The guy is blind, he can’t see it so when you start condemning him for forging the check…

As a Daily News editorial points out today, motor-mouth Dietl helped dig the governor yet a new hole by contradicting Paterson’s claim that he isn’t allowed to discuss the events now being investigated by the Attorney General, the Albany County D.A., and the state Inspector General. If so, it sounds like he gave Dietl an earful.


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