Bussaco’s Owner Says All Is Well, Contrary to Popular Belief


What’s a day without another round of He Said, She Said? Not much of a day at all, apparently. Today’s installment comes from Scott Carney, owner of the lately embattled Bussaco. In the wake Katy Sparks‘ recent departure from the kitchen, which she had helmed for less than two months, rumors flew that the Park Slope restaurant was on the verge of going under. But Carney, in an interview with the Brooklyn Paper, says it ain’t so.

According to Carney, sales haven’t dropped and Bussaco isn’t closing. He blames the Sparks camp for spreading rumors to the contrary, telling the Paper that “[m]y business is being endangered with gossip and lies,” Carney said. “Our short-lived relationship with Katy Sparks went sour, and she is exploiting your medium in a malicious and libelous manner to destroy my family’s business.”

Carney’s also found a replacement for Sparks in the form of Andrew Smith, a veteran of Lupa and del Posto, and Pamela Woods, who cooked at PizzaMoto.


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