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Film Critic Banned From Reviewing Greenberg?


An email just went out from an anonymous film critic claiming that New York Press’s ARMOND WHITE was banned from seeing NOAH BAUMBACH’s film “Greenberg” because Baumbach didn’t like White’s reviews of his last couple of films.
The email urges critics to avoid reviewing the film in protest, and if they do, to mention the alleged White dis in their writeup.
It also urges critics to stay away from Focus Features’ other upcoming films and to write a personal email complaining to the head of the company about the supposed censorship.
Is this justifiable righteousness or rampant paranoia?
I don’t know, but having already seen GREENBERG, I feel safe in investigating it.

UPDATE: Publicist LESLEE DART responds: “He was not banned from screenings. He will see the movie. He has rsvpd for Friday afternoon. I made a decision, not the filmmaker, that based on the horrible comments he’s  made about Noah personally–like how his mother should have had an abortion and how he’s never met him, but he’s an asshole–I made a decision that he shouldn’t be one of the first critics to see the film.”

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