Artist and fashion illustrator Lisa Grue has created a magical black-and-white world in which owls rule the land. In her first solo exhibition Owls Have More Fun, the Copenhagen-based designer, who has created works for Anna Sui and Nylon Magazine, among others, shows off her flair for whimsical nature scenes, with owls being the focal point, and she has applied it to interior design specifically for this show. “I like to work with interior design in a more artistic way—doing special-made wallpaper, a rug with neon pompoms, and unique plates like small pictures to hang on the wall,” she says. So why owls? “Owls are a symbol of being clever. I think it would be refreshing if women and young girls would take pride in being clever in general, instead of acting like stupid bunnies to get attention.”

March 12-26, 2010