Live: Yelawolf Battles A Paucity Of Both Enthusiasm And Chevrolet Ownership At Brooklyn Bowl


Way more enthusiasm at this show, unfortunately.

Brooklyn Bowl
Monday, March 8

Let us now spend a brisk, unsatisfying, Fader-sponsored 20 minutes with the mixtape rapper of the moment, a spry Alabaman gent who’s a dead ringer for Pretty Hate Machine-era Trent Reznor, boasts a nasally staccato flow you’d almost call “Anticon-esque” if you didn’t particularly value your life, and at the moment seems dismayed at a crowd whose vigor and enthusiasm is pretty much standard issue for a show with no cover charge, on a Monday night, in a bowling alley. “If you love Chevrolets, make some noise!” he commands; this goes over about as well as “Everybody yell GET ‘ER DONE!” He deserves better than he gets and will presumably get it some other time.

Yelawolf tonight sticks entirely to tracks from this year’s Trunk Muzik (download it here), parts of which are really, really excellent, particularly the eerie, frankly beautiful crawl of “Box Chevy Pt. 3” and the profoundly crude “F.U.”, whose chorus is a martial chant of “Fuuuuck you! Fuuuuck you! Fuuuuuuuuck you!” and appeals greatly to the part of me that is still stuck in the third grade. If it isn’t the theme song to that A-Team remake I will storm out of the theater in disgust.

Speaking of disgust, our hero has a hell of a time rousing anyone tonight, jumping repeatedly into a small pocket of supporters at the foot of the stage but otherwise encountering cool indifference, even during the “fuck you” one. “When we play that song in Alabama, somebody gets punched in the face,” he notes. He does the one about how about you better not make him pop the trunk, and then he gets the hell out of there. I don’t blame him, but I don’t particularly blame the people he blames, either.

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