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Mayor Bloomberg Adds Extra Nannying to Push for Soda Tax


Everyone hates the non-diet soda tax that Governor Paterson keeps proposing — except residents of New York City, whose once-famous will was long ago broken by the constant health-nannying of Michael Bloomberg.

In case there are any Gothamites who have not yet seen the wisdom of the soda tax, the Mayor recently lectured on it. You will be unsurprised to hear that it is all, all For The Children.

“Do you want to help kids who aren’t old enough to make those kinds of decisions, don’t understand the long-term health implications?” the mayor told reporters. “Isn’t that adults’ and parents’ job, and society’s job and government’s job?” he added, seeming to conflate parents and legislators, as is his wont.

The Bloomberg Administration previously banned smoking in bars, banned flavored cigars, and seeks to ban smoking in parks. It has made a mania of banning toy guns, real ones, and drunks with guns, has deprived cabbies of their phones, and is looking to place restrictions on salt, add another tax on booze (despite its denials), and God knows what else.

By the end of his eighth term, Bloomberg will have banned coffee and Red Bull, and made it illegal to consume anything that is not certified organic or made by Kashi. By then we will be long dead of emphysema and/or cirrhosis. Enjoy utopia, chumps!


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