Media Tendency for Self-Regard, Literalized: The CBS Colonoscopy Show is Coming


We always hear about how the media’s always “up its own ass,” spelunking their own depths and crevices and cavities like nobody else can. Because they’re the ones that do that to everyone else, you see! Reporters sometimes have to report on reporters, and sometimes, in-depth reporting is required. So of course, this.

“The Early Show” anchor Harry Smith is getting a colonoscopy tomorrow on live television, while Katie Couric stands by and gives what viewers can only hope (or not hope) is something resembling “color commentary.”

Apparently, Couric’s husband died from colon cancer 12 years ago at 42, and it’s National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. So it’s all for a good cause. Also, if you ever wanted to see the guy who delivers your early morning news get something shoved up his ass on live television, there’s that, too.

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