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Pod Hotel to Open: Nap Time for New Yorkers!


We’ve been prone to doze off at work now and again. You’ve probably done it, too. Rather than face pink-slip hell for your sleep deprivation, here’s some exciting news: A Japanese-style hotel is opening up in midtown! Now you can snooze on your lunch break, rather than on the job.

Slated to open in 2011, YOTEL will feature 669 cabins, a spa, a lounge, a restaurant and an outdoor terrace situated at 42nd street and 10th Avenue in Times Square. The 23-story high, $800 million dollar project will be built atop the Frank Gehry-designed Signature Theatre.

The hotel will also feature luxurious linens, flat-screen TVs and wireless Internet in the comfy capsules, all for a reasonable $200 a night.

Signature purple lighting will illuminate the 17-by-10 foot living spaces, but hopefully you won’t mind because you’ll be asleep, probably when you should be at work.


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