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Robert Joe Halderman, Accused Letterman Extortionist, to Plead Guilty


Robert Halderman, the accused extortionist behind the bizarre confession of David Letterman to affairs with staffers, is going to plead guilty. The CBS producer is expected to get six months in prison, probation, and community service after pleading out this afternoon.

Halderman is accused of trying to shake down Letterman for $2 million by revealing his indiscretions after he found out his girlfriend was having an affair with the talk show host. This led Letterman to deliver his peculiar (but funny!) admission on his show last fall.

Back when it broke, Halderman’s attorney said he “look[ed] forward to cross-examining David Letterman, because I don’t think the full story is before the public.”

Sarah Palin has not been reached for comment.

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