St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated on Staten Island with DWIs, 163 Tickets


Who has the most St. Patrick’s spirit?” polled the Staten Island Advance, referring to Sunday’s parade in the borough. There were a lot of contenders, as S.I. cops handed out 163 summonses and arrested 12, “mostly for drinking in public, disorderly conduct and public urination.” One woman “passed out after drinking heavily” and was wheeled out of a bar on Forest Avenue at 7 p.m.

The big winner may have been the guy who popped a wheelie on his motorcycle on Forest Avenue and was charged with DWI, one of four such arrestees over the weekend.

That’s up from two arrests and 12 summonses last year. Some Staten Islanders think the cops were too quick to bust people; one guy says his friend got ticketed for calling for a taxi, and that he was ticketed himself for questioning the officer.


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