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The Internet is Trying to Scam Madoff Victims, Setting New Bar in “Mean” Category of “Evil Shit”


Good thing New Yorkers aren’t scammed easily. Yet, still, the following serves as further proof that the world is a place full of rapid creatures out to step on one another in order to score a new pair of ‘gators.

Evil has a terrible sense of humor. Or irony. However you want to categorize this, it’s kinda awful. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation — a federally mandated nonprofit funded by members — posted an warning on the bottom-left corner of their website today, noting that another website claiming to be the “International Securities Investor Protection Corporation” magically popped up on the Internet. It looks real, reads well, and even claims to have busted a group hiding out money in Malaysia, with a Madoff victim testimonial to boot! Nice. Except the “International Securities Investor Protection Corporation,” which claims to be based in Geneva, is fake:

SIPC President Stephen Harbeck said: “We know from information provided to us by individuals that this bogus group is already attempting to obtain funds and confidential financial information from investors in the U.S. SIPC wants to be as clear as possible that Madoff victims and other investors should not share any personal financial information via this Web site or rely upon it as an information source. We intend to use every available means to shut down this illicit operation.”

Slight problem. The SIPC’s website doesn’t exactly scream out the difference between the real version of them, and the scammy version of them. You know that cliche movie scenario where a character has to figure out who’s the evil clone, and who’s the good guy? Yeah, well, in that scenario, the SIPC is fucked, because

(A) Their website looks kinda fake, or at least, less real than the actually fake website
and (B) They’ve made the announcement in a fairly tucked away corner of the screen, visually. Below the fold, as it were.

In light of the fact that many Madoff victims are old people who can’t see or use computers — because they’re old — we decided we’d lend a (ideally: tax-deductible) hand. Here:



Not afraid to be servicey, but mostly because hearing about a Madoff victim getting scammed twice will leave permanent cringe lines in the faces of too many New Yorkers to count. It’s a dangerous Internet out there, old people. Try not to get completely yoked by it, okay?

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