The Shank, Williamsburg’s After-Hours Spot, Is Alive


The Shank, Williamsburg’s infamous “after-hours club of unprecedented size and bravado,” lives. Since its ignomious Bayard Street rise-and-fall, documented last summer in a lengthy New York Press cover story, the space’s actual location has moved–the all-night den no longer resides near McCarren Park. We will not divulge the Shank’s new coordinates, since we’ve been accused more than once of murdering legally questionable fun around here, except to say that the all-night ridiculousness remains in Williamsburg proper, within walking distance of the L Train, and that it’s still a tagged-up bastion against sleep and sobriety. Even though the Shank’s future looked questionable after its makeshift reunion last December, this seems to be on the regular. Our main man Nate “Igor” Smith went there on Saturday to find Drop the Lime, one of the Dinner With the Band twins, the Death Set’s Johnny Siera (above), at least one Union Pool bartender, and a con man pretending to be Miami Dolphins wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. Full gallery here, selected images below.

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