Why Is Alice So Huge?


I had heard that Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland was not terribly good; that he didn’t seem to grasp the material; that it all seemed geared to 12-year-old boys; that it had limited appeal, etc., etc.

And then it grossed $116-plus million on its opening weekend!


I could more intelligently discuss the pros and cons of this work if Disney ever invited me to their screenings.

But as a 3-D cinema outcast, all I can do is speculate that the movie had a built-in see-ability that drew in all ages and types, none of whom feel silly wearing special glasses.

Burton’s gothic, arrested-child imagination has long seized the public’s, making for fractured fairy tales worth investigating with eyes agog.

And even at his weirdest-for-weird’s-sake, Johnny Depp almost always grabs a crowd desperate to see what quirks and accents he’ll cutely trot out while going to the dark side.

I guess this became a hot date movie for those seeking sophistication, splendor, satire, and chills.

And if they didn’t get that, I predict a huge drop down the rabbit hole for week two.

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