Baohaus and Chinatown Cake Club Will Be Collaborating on Desserts


Since launching last December, Victoria Howe’s invite-only Chinatown Cake Club has earned numerous fans. The only thing to complain about, really, is that Howe’s creations aren’t accessible to members of the public who can’t gain entry to her Chinatown walk-up. Sometime in the next few weeks, however, that will change, thanks to a collaboration Howe will be undertaking with Baohaus’ Eddie Huang.

According to Howe’s most recent Chinatown Cake Club update, she and Huang will be collaborating on “some sick new desserts to be unveiled in the next few weeks.” Further details will be revealed during the coming weeks on both the Cake Club and Baohaus websites. Huang has also announced the collaboration on his blog with his characteristic panache:

“I aint no twinkie, but I wanted to do baked goods. Errybody and their mamas does cupcakes. Plus, we’re across the street from sugar sweet sunshine so not trying to shark bite…I came up with some ill fillings and worked with Christina Ha… Christina’s been busy though so we’re collabing with Victoria from Chinatown Cake Club! Gonna be dope so stay tuned.”

And there you go.


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