Coffee Fever — Catch It!: Times


“New York used to be a second-string city when it came to coffee,” proclaims the Times. “No longer.” Now we have exotic coffees from the Far West like Stumptown (pronounced STUMP-town). And “baristas” draw things in your latte foam!

“Superior coffee, day after day,” writes Oliver Strand: “Increasingly it’s the rule in New York, not the exception.” We’re putting that on our voiceover reel.

If you’re wondering why this is on the front page, it’s because even Times readers can’t afford anymore whatever else is in the trend pipeline, and they couldn’t get a thousand words out of asymmetric necklines. Also, everyone’s sick of hearing about David Paterson.

Several coffee bars are listed in the article. We especially like the listing for Moomah Cafe: “An arts and crafts center for stylish TriBeCa children where the coffee is as good as at any of the hip spots in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Stroller parking out front.” This is as good an epitaph for New York exceptionalism as any.