Corey Haim Has Been Dead For Less Than 12 Hours And His Bloody-Nosed Ghost Is Already Advertising a Dead Herring Show


Instead of bothering with Michael Damian’s “Dream On,” let’s instead refer you to this sadly endearing long video of Corey Haim, still in his teens, clearly high and playing around with an artillery of synthesizers. “As far as what I really like in today’s music, I’m into that Japanese funk, that pop funk, you know, I think Prince is the future,” he tells the camera at the 3:01 mark. There’s also a whole montage of him apparently drugged up and poking around keyboards, if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you’re more into paying tribute to recently dead people by mocking their tragic flaws, perhaps you’re interested in the above flyer for a Saturday offering at Dead Herring in Williamsburg.

Ghost Hunter’s Club Co-op & Records is responsible. Though the show features friend-of-SOTC’s Human Resources, our co-sign doesn’t extend to the flyer. Too soon!

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