Hiram Monserrate Attacked with Hiram Monserrate; Cynthia Nixon Trades Carrot for Stick


Jose Peralta’s campaign ad for the special Queens election to replace Hiram Monserrate (who’s also running) is out, and if Monserrate is counting on anti-gay support to bring him to victory, it seems Peralta is counting on anti-Monserrate support to win it for him: The ad starts with footage of Monserrate dragging his girlfriend around, and tense music. “We all suffered the consequences,” says a female voice. Then, pictures of Peralta with lots of women and children, and light jazz!

After the jump, we’ve got Cynthia Nixon, who seems to be having trouble with her contact lenses, with a more general pitch for FightBackNY, a group that’s targeting Monserrate and other gay marriage opponents. “We’ve tried the carrot,” says Nixon. “Now it’s time for the stick.” Then, musket fire! Well, they warned us these people were violent.

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