Is Glenn Beck Invading Park Slope?


You’d think all the socialist stroller gangs who’ve been cheering on third party candidates for as long as they could say “universal health care” would’ve scared screamy emo-pundit Glenn Beck off. You’d be tragically — possibly, comically — wrong. What’s Beck doing in Brooklyn?

Per The Cajun Boy, Beck was in Park Slope to enjoy munching on the culinary delights of Chip Shop, which apparently serves up fish, chips, and small children. Beck gave them some kind of shout-out on his show. Cajun writes:


Brooklyn’s worst nightmare: Glenn Beck eats at the Chip Shop. How do you feel Park Slope?


Granted, Park Slope is a bastion of liberal, literary Brooklyn, much of whom probably regard Beck as the con artist and/or professional assclown that he is, but it’s also a fairly pricey, well-to-do neighborhood that, as far as Brooklyn goes, he could probably dig up a few fans in. Once he starts taking the L and shows up at Union Pool, citizens might have cause for concern.

Then again, taking pictures with Glenn Beck at Union Pool is exactly the kind of thing that Williamsburg might wholeheartedly embrace. When he shows up in Bed Stuy, let us know. Actually, wait until he breaks someone’s radio. Then call us.