Maria Alaimo Wins Bad Boob Job Settlement: $3.5 Million


Staten Island’s Maria Alaimo went to trial this week against plastic surgeon Keith S. Berman, whose breast augmentation work on her went tragically awry, leaving her with what was described in court as a “double-bubble” effect, suggestive of four breasts. “Maria Alaimo is horribly and permanently disfigured,” her lawyer argued. The defense argued that Alaimo was made aware of the risks before the surgery and, though the doctor made a last-minute switch in his procedure, that had nothing to do with the result.

Today a jury found in Alaimo’s favor, and the judge awarded her $3.5 million for pain and suffering, past, present, and future.

“I hope this does give other women the courage to step forward… They shouldn’t have to hide behind the big scarves and the big turtlenecks,” Alaimo told the Advance.


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