Meg Whitman, and Everyone Else: Don’t Mess with the Media Pool


California Republican Gubernatorial Meg Whitman had a media event, and then declined to take questions. This sort of thing happens all the time, but Whitman was cornered, or felt like she was, in the little room where she held the press avail. So the reporters just stood there, and eventually the Whitman campaign staff took matters into their own hands. And then CBS5 in San Francisco took matters into their own.

As the CBS5 video shows, someone asked Whitman about the WikiMeg anti-Whitman site. Whitman, smiling frozenly, asks someone, “How do you want to handle this, Sarah? I think we’re not gonna take questions right this very minute.” Someone asks, “Why not?” Whitman laughs.

CBS5 kept the cameras rolling as “security blocked cameras,” reports CBS5’s man on the scene, an aide “escorted” the pressers out, and the Whitman staff put up a shade to block the view.

Oh no she di’n’t! CBS5 hits back: “All of this plays into the hands of Democrats who’ve been saying Whitman is imperious, and not forthcoming about her history.” Then they have Democrat Dan Newman on, to tell viewers Whitman is imperious, and not forthcoming about her history.

This is “what happens,” said CBS5 anchor Dana King with voluptuous enjoyment, “when you decide to call a press event, but then you don’t talk to the press.” Now no one cares or hears what the railroad officials Whitman met with had to say, or what she had to say to them; they only care that Whitman stonewalled these very important members of the Fourth Estate.

Everyone says the mainstream media is a bunch of dinosaurs, but they still roam the earth and they can stomp up a storm.


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