Robert Christgau On Lil Wayne: “If I’ve Ever Been This High, Which I Doubt, It Was 40 Years Ago”


Here’s Bob on Weezy, at length, of course, and absolutely worth the read, also of course. Two Rap Radar commenter quotes in the first paragraph! Extremely involved lyrical analysis! Stuff like this!

Based on a stripper-ready DJ Unk track (I Googled that), it ends each of the 22 lines of its first half with a two-syllable short-u rhyme: stunner, stomach, rubbers, woman, dungeon, fun-ya (???), Bunyan, construction, seduction, discussion, trust ya, fuck ya, fuck ya (yup, twice), busta, touch ya, Usher, Russia, flush ya, crusher, gusher, production, abduction. You may think these aren’t all rhymes, but Wayne disagrees, and puts their music where his mouf is.

Lil Wayne himself is of course unavailable for comment/among the general population.

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