Satay Junction’s Satays


Satay Junction is a sliver of an Indonesian street food spot, no more than six feet across, squeezed in next to Lafayette Pastry on Greenwich Avenue. It’s barely a week old, but we thought we’d stop by for the early word on their marquee satays.

We chose lamb, pork, and shrimp. It’s very early going, but unfortunately, this was not a fabulous meat-on-a-stick experience. Upon ordering, we were asked how we wanted our lamb and pork cooked, a first in our satay experience. Lamb medium-rare, and pork medium-well? Okay. For a to-go order, the skewers are wrapped in Indonesian newspaper.

Although the sambals and shrimp crackers are listed as sides ($3 and $2 respectively), the restaurant was giving them out with any order, which, along with the acar that always accompanies the satays, made the $5 tab for three skewers somewhat respectable. On the other hand, the promised peanut sauce was nowhere to be found. And its help would have been appreciated.

The lamb was indeed tender and pink in the middle, nicely grilled, but without any discernible seasoning aside from salt. The pork was dry as sawdust, and also oddly without seasoning. A dip in one of the two sambals–one hot, one sweet–helps. Only the shrimp, which tasted of green onions, was particularly flavorful, although they all had a bit of tasty char.

But this would be a good addition to the neighborhood, so we’re not giving up hope. We’ll go back after a few weeks to try a broader range of dishes.

28 Greenwich Avenue

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