Scott Brown to Pen His Amazing Story for HarperCollins


Scott Brown has accomplished much in his short time on earth. He’s fathered an American Idol contestant. He’s been naked in Playgirl. He’s served in the National Guard, as property assessor for Wrentham, Massachusetts, and in the Massachusetts state legislature. And a perfect storm of incompetent competition and voter anger has catapulted him into the U.S. Senate.

Sounds like a book, right? No, not Being There — the memoirs of Scott Brown! HarperCollins has signed him to “write” them, with financial details to be revealed in a coming financial disclosure controversy.

So that’s why he voted for the jobs bill — to add some dramatic tension! Well played, Senator Brown! The Scott Brown Story is slated for release in 2011, around the time Doug Hoffman gets his book deal.


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