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David Paterson — is there anything he can’t fuck up? The ridiculous Yankees-tickets scandal wouldn’t be such a big thing, observes Tom Robbins, if the governor weren’t so inclined to lie about it.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — it kinda sucks, doesn’t it? Jason Gross suggests how it could suck less.

What do international diamond smuggling and a basement apartment on East 12th Street have in common? Graham Rayman has the story of a Diamond District dealer whose big Brazilian dreams ended in massacre and disaster.

From the maker of United 93 and The Bourne Supremacy, a long-shelved Matt Damon thirllah about the bogus WMDs in Iraq, The Green Zone, emerges. Is it past its sell-by date? J. Hoberman has a look.

The OutMusic Awards at which Michael Musto presented “sucked harder than a toothless gay hooker desperate for pocket change,” he says. “And yet I’d gladly do it again!”

What’s new in Chinatown? Hand-pulled noodles! Should Kuai An Hand Pull Noodles pull you from your usual haunts? Sarah DiGregorio suggests that it should.

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