Tonight! Broken Bells, The Magnetic Fields, DaM-FunK, Dream Diary, McDonalds, Fluffy Lumbers, Free Kisses, Suckers, And The 12th Annual Craic Festival


The early birds have feasted. Tonight’s odd-couple Broken Bells show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, featuring the Shins’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse, is sold out. Witnessing some woeful crooning about failed couples is also out of the question, as the Magnetic Fields’ Town Hall show has no tickets to spare, either. Fortunately, at the Bowery Ballroom, you can take this opportunity to explore the keytar-blessed rhythms of DaM-FunK (that’s him to the left), who is sort of like an unironic version of “Sexual Seduction.” Meanwhile, Monster Island welcomes New Wave newcomers Dream Diary, the brilliantly named McDonalds, Fluffy Lumbers, and Free Kisses; those last two sound like oozing TV static and glasses fogged by tears, respectively.

Elsewhere, Suckers will offer their raucous, defeatist pop at Le Poisson Rouge, while in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, night one of the 12th Annual Craic Festival begins with Irish food, film, and live music included. For future reference, “craic” is pronounced “crack.”

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