Where Cam’ron Meets Viral Video: The Epic Beard Man-Sampling “Amber Lamps”


Cameron Giles is no stranger to viral videos, of course: his poolside, boxer-shorts monologue at the height of the Cam’ron-50 Cent beef was the hilarious and much-watched first salvo in a war that leaned almost exclusively–to the major detriment of actual rapping–on the YouTube medium. So leave it to this dude to watch the enormously popular Epic Beard Man video, in which an old curmudgeon bludgeons a young hooligan till he bleeds on a Oakland, Calif. transit bus, and see in it the opportunity to sample the video for his own, evil purposes.

“Amber Lamps,” the first single from Cam’ron and DJ Drama’s Boss of All Bosses 2.5–an addendum to the alright 2010 sequel to last year’s lackluster Gangsta Grillz tape of the same name–flips the assailant-turned-assaultee’s pitiable cry to “Bring the ambulance” into a jaunty, gloating chorus. And the lady looking on, cackling “He leaking“? Well, she made the track too. Can’t quite decide if this is another chapter in the tiny, mini Cam’ron renaissance currently underway–the other piece of evidence in this thin case being last week’s stunning Fabolous feature “Body Bag”–or an exceedingly goofy song with one funny line about hanging out in Rancho Cucamonga, saying “cowabunga” a lot. Pretty sure we can already say one thing with certainty though: 2010 Cam >>>> 2009 Cam. Welcome back! [Nah Right]

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